Cuba 2016 – Viñales y Trinidad

Viñales y Trinidad

Panoramic landscapes, indigenous Cuban cigars, un-ironic Cuban coffee and ScubaDiving/spear gun fishing my own lunch. Being bucked by a horse :O

After the urban sprawl of Havana, arrving in Vinales felt calm, open and clean. The town does have the feel of a tourist town, but deeper inside it’s all Cubans. This land was first inhabited by Taino’s, then supplemented by runaway slaves until Spaniard tobacco growers from the Canary Islands colonized it.

We stayed at a Casa Particular via ontacts from Maritza, our host /Cuban mom in La Habana. Of course the family was lovely and the mom the best chef we’d had in Cuba. The breakfast was full of fresh fruit; the kind that makes you realize most fruit in NYC is really just not the real thing. The flavor here goes to eleven. Especially mangos.

A relative of the family became our guide and we were off to the Vinales valley; a UNESCO world heritage site…

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