Back in 2002…


…I took my first trip around the world.  I was on the top of a mountain in Nepal suffering from the worst headache of my life (thanks altitude sickness!); and while laying in the bed inside a shack writhing in pain I got the idea that when I got back stateside I would create an interactive Macromedia Flash (cue retro 90’s music) of the experiences I was living.  Without an interactive tool I couldn’t figure out quite how to convey the breadth of experience that I was having and growing from. Of course no app, no camera, no movie can ever really capture the experience but I did it anyway; and it unwittingly sent me down the career path I have today.


In 2016 after coming back from Cuba I decided to start a new travelogue, and when I was done I had unwittingly recreated a similar experiences as the old one, now through WordPress and HTML 5.  Apart from new trips; I will be re-posting old images/stories I never got around to.

The old Flash movie can be accessed by clicking on the image below:


But be warned those travelogues are written by a younger, dumber, more immature version of myself. Oh and, Flash 6 plugin required. 🙂

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